Domaine Salvator

Organic olive oil Légende - 500ML

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Exclusively produced from the olive groves of the Salvator Estate in the heart of Provence, this organic olive oil has neither pungency nor bitterness. It has a surprising softness with a strong typical taste of black olives obtained thanks to ancestral methods.

The "Légende" olive oil is truly exceptional and has already been on the shelf of the Elysée Palace kitchen in Paris. 
The perfect choice to accompany a burrata, fresh cheese, to season your salads or to incorporate in your fish recipes.

At an altitude of 450 metres, in the heart of Provence, the Salvator estate grows hundred year old olive trees over 40 hectares. The soil of Haute Provence requires a delicate and precise culture for low but high-quality return. A unique character, fine aromas, make the quality of the Salvator olives.