PÉPITE [pepit] n.f  〰️  Morceaux d'or naturel. Au figuré: Morceau de choix, élément précieux.

It means: each product is a gem


Camille on Pépite Photoshoot
 I was born and brought up in the Bay of Saint-Tropez. For as long as I can remember, food has been at the center of activity. Family gatherings were always around a beautiful long table where the most delicious meals were passed from one end to the other accompanying our loud and joyful discussions.

When I moved to Paris, I discovered the warmth and conviviality of meeting friends on a café terrace. Sharing our ideas, our dreams and our meals. Every week I would love to discover new places for my apéritif (or as we say in France: apéro). Trying new dishes, discovering new flavors and associating them with just the right bottle of wine had become my favorite new passtime.

From Brittany to Provence, every one of my travels in France allowed me to unearth wonderful new products and strengthen my love of local artisan produce.

Now settled in The Netherlands, naturally I wanted to share with my friends all these excellent locally sourced products and hopefully instill the sunny Provençal culinary way of life rich in fresh flavors and aromas. Whether for alfresco lunches, dinners or simple apéritifs.   

And so, I created Pépite. A selection of the finest French foods, locally sourced by myself for the most part in Provence. In the selection process, the utmost care and attention has been given to the flavors but also to the ingredients and composition, never losing sight of the quality.
For me, it’s all about the good sense of passionate producers. 

My intention is to travel frequently back to France to find new specialties, encounter new artisans and bring back new "pépites” for your table of joyful banter."




Pépite Fine Foods Illustration